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Grand Fiesta Americana
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By Michelle da Silva Richmond 

We’re excited to announce that our resort – in conjunction with a fashion shoot showcasing Mexican designers Pineda Covalin’s spring collection – is the featured cover story in the May 2017 issue of the prestigious Resident Magazine.

Creations by the world-renowned fashion designers were presented in a photo shoot showcasing their spring fashions, in various areas of our resort and in our sister property, Live Aqua Resort.

Drawing from pre-Colombian Aztec and Maya designs, Ricardo Covalin and Christian Pineda – heads of one of the leading fashion houses in Mexico – have been promoting Mexican culture since 1995.

“When we started, we were really focused on creating nice gifts and memories of Mexico that told our story which people could pass along to others,” Covalin told Resident Magazine. “We started with pre-Colombian cultures, then we focused on Mexican nature such as the butterfly which has become an iconic motif for us.”

The celebrated duo will soon expand their horizons into the world of hospitality with the collaboration on bath amenities with Fiesta Americana Hotels in Mexico.

“I think that Mexico is one of the biggest cultures in the world now, and it is a country that has a lot to give, not only for fashion, but for gastronomy and art, with artists like Frida Kahlo,” Covalin adds. “We have the culture and the history with pyramids and places that attracts visitors. So, with the collaboration with Posadas, it’s a very good way to familiarize visitors with our culture and show what is really happening and how beautiful our country is first hand and not just from the news.”

Pineda-Covalin’s featured spring collection was inspired by the monarch butterfly – believed by the ancient peoples of Mexico to be the souls of their ancestors returning to earth. The designers worked on their spring collection with contemporary Mexican artist, Fernando Andriacci, who created a special painting with a mandala to inspire subliminal messages of “peace and gratefulness to Mexico.”

“We took this painting, printed it on silk and created a clothing collection with the fabric. The idea is that once you are aware of the message, every time you wear it, you are sending good vibes to Mexico,” Covalin explains. “If everyone was consciously aware of wearing a scarf or a piece of clothing that can send good vibes and peace to Mexico people can really change the way you are thinking by creating this positive energy.”

Positive energy and good vibes permeated Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach throughout the photo shoot, highlighting these famous designers and showcasing Mexico’s culture in the best possible venue!