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By Michelle da Silva Richmond

In November 2004, Fundación Posadas was established to assist Mexican families in our community, to help them better their lives and to lend aid during emergencies. We’re happy to share that this program has been very successful and has been very well received in areas of: education, health and disaster relief.


Since 2008 we’ve been offering the “Opportunity to Study Program, offering scholarships starting in primary school through college and technical school. Since opening, we’ve handed out 6,188 scholarships. This program is part of the United Nation’s Obtainable Development Goals, which “Guarantees inclusive and equal education of a quality that promotes opportunity and learning throughout life for everyone.”

Scholarships, with criteria set by Foundation Committee, are granted annually with a maximum of $30,000 pesos. During the 2021-2022 cycle, we assisted 320 children and adolescents – 12 of whom obtained their degrees. The investment in this program to date has totaled $5,609,004 pesos.

These scholarships were distributed among 185 women and 135 men. Of those recipients, 88 of them were children of either a single mother or father.

Health –

This program started in 2005 with the objective of lending support in a timely manner, if social security isn’t able to. Its purpose is to assist in the betterment of health in children and adolescents as well as providing urgent care during health crises in a vulnerable population.

The areas, which have required the most help have been: urgent, specialized surgeries; psychomotor disabilities, giving auditory aid and helping anyone needing glasses. In 2022, we assisted 1,567 people with health issues.

Disaster Relief –

Since starting, Fundación Posadas has implemented help to families who have been victims of natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods and earthquakes, which occur with relative frequency in different regions of our country. In 2022 we helped 34 people affected by hurricanes in Nayarit and Veracruz as well as victims of a Mexico City fire.

Volunteering –

Throughout 2022 there were many causes needing volunteers, including donations of school supplies, clothing, food and gatherings for people in vulnerable situations. With the assistance of 393 volunteers of all ages, we were able to render assistance to 4,736 people in 36 different institutions.

Alliances with other Organizations –

With the intent of bettering and expanding philanthropic goals to benefit other groups and families in need, Fundación Posadas has tried to cement alliances with other institutions operating in Mexico. In 2022 we formed 25 such alliances. This collaboration has been very successful and includes two large areas of interaction with many positive results: 25 institutions were supported with 656 room nights in Grupo Posadas Hotels, as well as a donation of more than 1,700 sheets, towels and other articles.

Cash donations, principally scholarships and specific support for health programs and training have also been a part of the program.



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