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By Michelle da Silva Richmond

Less than 24 hours after Hurricane Delta unleashed her fury on our privileged destination, we’re happy to announce that we’re open for business and welcome you with open arms to our luxurious resort.

Prior to Delta’s arrival on Tuesday, our guests were transferred to a safe shelter in the center of Cancun and – adhering to State Government guidelines – they were cared for by our dedicated staff and provided TLC following the health and safety protocols employed by Posadas’ “Travel with Confidence” program.

This program – sanctioned by 3M – endorses specific products to be used in every area of our resort. We’ve implemented strict sanitary measures, which have been approved against Covid-19 by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as well as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Once Delta had left the area and the State Government deemed it safe, they were welcomed back to our resort with cool cocktails and tangy margaritas. We’re happy to say that neither our resort, nor our secluded beach sustained any major damage and we’re up and running again.

Acknowledging the difficulties guests faced, the resort’s Managing Director, Alberto Gurrola stated that he was “grateful for their trust and preference in choosing to stay with us.”

“Within 24 hours after the storm’s passing, my dedicated, hard-working team had the resort operating ‘business, as usual’ and were able to coordinate our guests’ safe return to the resort within hours of re-opening,” he added.

Guests had high praise for resort staff and their handling of the emergency and accommodations during this time of Covid:

“Your staff was excellent, wrote one. “I was greeted warmly by everyone, asked about my experience and served quickly and professionally. Even while being evacuated during a hurricane, the staff was exceptional. The General Manager was incredibly accessible, willing to

answer any questions during the emergency and offered information when he had it. I would love to return and experience the resort again in less hectic times.”

Another wrote: “Upon the minute we pulled up, the staff was beyond welcoming. We checked in effortlessly and were informed about the hurricane coming …. We woke up the following morning and were informed that we would have to evacuate due to the upcoming hurricane….We were able to spend some time at the beach and eat breakfast before we had to be relocated for the hurricane. The entire time we dealt with the shelter in place contingency, General Manager Alberto G was not only amazing at keeping us informed, but he also was available to answer any and every question I had…..The hotel staff did an AMAZING job taking care of us. They did their best to make sure that we were fed, hydrated and most importantly, protected from the storm. When we came back to the hotel, we had a great buffet dinner and enjoyed the remainder of our stay. I would definitely recommend this hotel and I can’t wait to come back. Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach is my favorite!”

During the ongoing Covid-19 concerns, we’re continuing to follow strict guidelines put in place by local health authorities and while many of our services, recreational activities and entertainment have some restrictions, we still offer you and your family an unforgettable resort experience – as another guest attests:

“Hotel staff is extremely friendly and proactive with sanitation. While some amenities were limited, the staff adjusted all accommodations to make sure we had a fantastic vacation.”

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