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By Michelle da Silva Richmond


Throughout history, people have flocked to spas to soothe whatever ailed them, for pampering or perhaps simply as an excuse for a “social happening.”

Fortunately for visitors to these shores, the ancient cultures of Mexico were way ahead of the game and rejuvenation and pampering aren’t just a diversion. It’s a way of life. The area’s magic, combined with the beautiful surroundings located here has inspired the vast array of therapeutic treatments we offer. The clever use of indigenous herbs used in the revived rituals practiced by the ancient Maya promise modern-day road warrior’s spiritual as well as physical relief.

You will find a variety of these treatments at Gem Spa while the serene setting paves the way for a stress-relieving journey, sure to heal whatever ails you.

We offer an ample slate of comforting massages, soothing facials and invigorating body wraps drawn from ancient wellness secrets.

Added to these longstanding treatments, we’ve incorporated Germain de Capuccini, the luxurious European skincare line used in more than 20,000 spas around the world for more than 50 years. Their recently-launched “Timexpert Ride” line offers scientifically proven results said to reduce the length and depth of wrinkles in just three sessions. Their homecare “Age Cure” cream promises wrinkle improvement of 43% in just 30 days.

Combine these facials with our renowned chakra-balancing gem treatment and our legendary hydrotherapy ritual, a 10-step process, which includes an aromatherapy steam room, clay steam room, ice room, polar plunge and pebble walkway, delivering you into the comforting “pool of sensations,” and you’re sure to launch a new “you” in 2024.

Maya Emperor Facial with Amethyst – 50 minutes

Prized for its strengthening and invigorating elements, Amethyst is used in this specialized facial for men that alleviates shaving irritation and hydrates the skin.

Maya Princess Massage – 50 min. | 80 min.

This treatment, fit for royalty, softens, and revitalizes the skin by incorporating vanilla, which the Maya used as an offering to the gods. An orange and vanilla mask is applied by the therapist´s healing hands using specialized massage techniques.

Chocolate Body Wrap – 50 minutes

The ancient Maya cherished chocolate for its uplifting ingredients, notably serotonin. This delicious body wrap pampers and tones the skin and is followed by a relaxing massage

Chaya Body Wrap – 50 minutes

The Chaya, a native healing plant from the Yucatán Peninsula, known for its soothing and repairing properties. An excellent remedy for sunburned or dehydrated skin.

Maya Body Treatment with Copal Resin – 50 minutes

The ancient Maya and Aztecs used copal in their spiritual ceremonies. This hydrating treatment is also known for revitalizing the spirit.

Don’t hesitate to take these soothing steps to launch a new you in 2023!

Soothing Treatments Beckon

Just in time for spring, we’re offering some new treatments, brimming with seasonal aromas, colors and soothing textures.

The 80-min. Seventh Wonder Luxury Massage features a combination of seven techniques, providing you with a refreshing experience sure to awaken your senses and simultaneously plunge you into a deeply relaxed state. 

The Herbal Oriental Massage, an 80-min inspiration from the Orient, features a blend of Asian aromas wrapped in floral and herbal sachets followed by a luxurious body massage.

The 50-min. Purifying Massage with Swedish Herbs is brimming with healing herbs from Sweden, combined with essential oils to create a relaxing and purifying massage.

There are many treatments to choose from – for both men and women – with fresh juices, fruit and soothing Maya music providing the perfect complement to a journey you won’t soon forget!


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