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Grand Fiesta Americana
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By Michelle da Silva Richmond

Well-known Hollywood actors Peter Facinelli and Gregory Harrison and their families kicked off the New Year with a stay at Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun.

Facinelli, who has appeared in many TV shows and movies – including the “Twilight Sagas” and most recently, “The Wilde Wedding” – was accompanied by his three daughters, girlfriend Lily Anne Harrison and other family members.

Harrison, who has a long of list of TV and movie credits – most recently, “Fair Haven” – was accompanied by wife Randi Oakes, daughter Lily Anne, and other family members.

Their festive holiday agenda included dinner with our GM Alberto Gurolla and his wife Ines at La Joya, savoring Mexican haute cuisine, while experiencing our recently inaugurated “The Table” culinary journey.

Culinary Adventure

This recent addition to La Joya offers a video-mapping table, which takes diners on a fascinating pictorial voyage with a narrative and music, leading them through Mexico’s mesmerizing timeline, starting from the beginning to time.

Along the way, you get to “witness” fiery volcanoes, churning lava, dense vegetation and mighty seas along the Yucatán Peninsula as the area’s original inhabitants – the dinosaurs – are shown frolicking along these shores …. until the mega meteorite hits Chiczulub, extinguishing everything.

Next, a time lapse video transports you as vegetation returns, to the dawn of the Maya civilization, followed by the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors and the birth of the Mexican Colonial era.

Eventually, you end up in Mexico after its Independence from Spain, showcasing a country with a fierce national identity and pride. You’ll get to peek into the lives of illustrious artists like Frida Kahlo and the traditions gleaned from indigenous cultures, which have been woven into present-day practices and traditions which make Mexico so unique.

Along the way, each captivating chapter allows you to savor a singular dish paired with carefully selected beverages.

Every step in this unique journey through time is highlighted by foods created to complement each important period as it’s displayed on the Table. Appetizers, salads, succulent seafood and meats are just of a few of the menu options reflecting a corresponding page from the past.

“It’s a Wrap”

The glamorous group rounded out their vacation by enjoying our many resort amenities, which included exploring our other restaurants, relaxing by the pool, walking the sandy beach, jet-skiing, snorkeling, a catamaran sail and much more. Throughout their experience they were posting on social media about the “wonderful time” they were having at our resort.

We were honored to have been able to welcome them to our sunny shores to kick off 2018 and we’re hoping they will return soon.

“This was the best start to a new year,” said Facinelli. “This place is heaven”.