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By Michelle da Silva Richmond


We’re thrilled to announce that Forbes Travel Guide has just awarded our 40,000 square-foot Gem Spa their Four-Star Rating for 2017, making it just one of two Cancun spas to receive this coveted accolade.

The annual Global Star Rating system has been recognizing exceptional hotels, restaurants and spas around the world since 1958 after they’ve been evaluated by a team of professional inspectors. Properties are rated regularly using up to 800 criteria to establish a global benchmark for luxury travel, providing discerning travelers the tools with which to make informed destination decisions.

Maya Magic

Throughout history people have flocked to spas to soothe whatever ailed them, for pampering or perhaps simply as an excuse for a “social happening.”

Fortunately for visitors to these shores, the ancient cultures of Mexico were way ahead of the game and rejuvenation and pampering aren’t just a diversion here, It’s a way of life. The area’s magic combines with its natural beauty to inspire the vast array of therapeutic treatments you’ll find here. The clever use of indigenous herbs used in the revived rituals practiced by the ancient Maya promise modern-day road warriors spiritual as well as physical relief.

Our spa’s serene setting and soothing décor set the tone for a stress-relieving journey, leading you along expansive hallways to gurgling plunge pools, tranquil treatment rooms and a calming relaxation oasis where you can indulge in total bliss between treatments.

Hydrotherapy Ritual

We’re especially known for our “Hydrotherapy Ritual” – a 10-step process, which includes an aromatherapy steam room, clay steam room, ice room, polar plunge and pebble walkway, ending up in the “pool of sensations,” for the “grand finale.”

The healing properties of hydrotherapy are based on the “thermal effects” they have. Generally, heat quiets and soothes the body, slowing down the activity of internal organs. Cold, in contrast, stimulates and invigorates, increasing internal activity. The combination guarantees a feeling of well-being overall.

Our healing ritual begins with a “guided circuit,” starting with the aromatherapy steam room, where a sea of warm aromatic steam envelopes you. Following, step into a multi-jet cold water shower to awaken your senses and close your pores before you’re led into a clay steam room, where you’ll start feeling your exhaustion peel away. When you’re done, rinse off under the water jets of a tepid rain shower, before stepping into the warm embrace of a hot sauna.

A hot sauna and frosty ice room follow – to close your pores and accelerate your metabolism. The final steps take you to a bubbling hot Jacuzzi, followed by a brief ice water plunge and ending in a pebble walk with soft warm water jets caressing your calves and toes.

The “grand finale,” lands you in the Pool of Sensations, where you get to soak in a large pool filled with bubbles, geysers, waterfalls and cervical water jets, designed to massage your body in four different stages.

Gem Stone Treatments –

Treatments all begin with a ceremonial Maya ritual of washing of the feet before you begin your specific massage or facial. Many of the magical treatments use charka-balancing gems drawn from ancient Maya healing rituals to enhance the modern-day therapies we use here.

Indigenous plants such as chaya, and copal – a resin taken from the ceiba tree considered sacred by the Maya and used to “cleanse and purify the spirit” – are typically used in some of the sessions.  

There are many body and facial treatments to choose from – many of them designed to bring out the inner Maya goddess – or god in you.

The Maya Princess Body Treatment begins with a gentle exfoliation, followed by a soothing massage and a tangerine and vanilla mask, while the Maya Prince Body Treatment combines the exfoliation with a mud made from chaya, a plant often used in Maya healing ceremonies.

We also offer a series of “cosmic journey” rituals using a variety of gems such as jade, quartz and malachite combined with aromatic herbs and oils to further enhance relaxation.

Fresh juices, fruit and soothing Maya music provide the perfect complement to a journey you won’t soon forget!

As you will see, we take our spa very seriously…. Just ask Forbes Travel Guide!