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By Michelle da Silva Richmond

For centuries people have flocked to spas to cure whatever ailed them. In fact, Mexico’s ancient cultures may have helped launch the tradition, with their ancient temazcál (from “temazcalli” meaning “steam house” in Nahuatl) ceremonies. These purifying steam baths were used to heal the body and cleanse the mind and soul.

Fast-forward to the current 21st century, and Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach’s highly acclaimed Gem Spa has taken the art of healing and well-being to an award-winning level!

Our 40,000 square-foot gem-inspired spa has received confirmation of the coveted Four-Star designation by the prestigious Forbes Travel Guide for 2018. Founded in 1958, this is the oldest guide in the US and the only independent global rating system for luxury hotels, restaurants and spas. Ratings are based on objective criteria, recognizing exceptional properties for their high quality of services and superior installations. Inspections are done anonymously, based on 900 rigorous standards

Only one of two spas in Cancun to receive this distinguished Four-Star rating, Gem Spa utilizes the healing energy of gems from around the world in its specialized treatments. This, combined with the traditional warmth of Mexico, assures our clients the most relaxing treatments, while transporting them on a magical journey of the senses.

The palatial setting with a backdrop of rich wood, sand-colored marble, shimmering Italian tile and soothing water rippling across small black granite channels, creates the perfect ambiance for total relaxation.

Treatments and Rituals for 16 and Older –

Gem Spa is especially known for our “Hydrotherapy Ritual,” – a 10-step process, which includes an aromatherapy steam room, clay steam room, ice room, polar plunge and pebble walkway, ending in the comforting “pool of sensations.”

The healing properties of hydrotherapy are based on the “thermal effects” they have. Generally, heat quiets and soothes the body, slowing down the activity of internal organs. Cold, in contrast, stimulates and invigorates, increasing internal activity. The combination guarantees a feeling of well-being overall.

The healing Hydrotherapy Ritual begins with a “guided circuit,” starting with the aromatherapy steam room, where a sea of warm aromatic steam envelopes you. Following, step into a multi-jet cold water shower to awaken your senses and close your pores before you’re led into a clay steam room, where you’ll start feeling your exhaustion peel away. When you’re done, rinse off under the water jets of a tepid rain shower, before stepping into the warm embrace of a hot sauna.

A hot sauna and frosty ice room follow – to close your pores and accelerate your metabolism. The final steps take you to a bubbling hot Jacuzzi; a brief ice water plunge, ending in a pebble walk with soft warm water jets caressing your calves and toes.

The “grand finale,” lands you in the Pool of Sensations, where you get to soak in a large pool filled with bubbles, geysers, waterfalls and cervical water jets, designed to massage your body in four different stages.

Some of our most popular massages include

  • Seventh Wonder Luxury Massage, which involves placing seven quartzes on the body’s corresponding charkas before receiving a relaxing massage with aromatic oils to further enhance the senses and promote tranquility.
  • Purifying Massage, using healing Swedish herbs combined with essential oils to promote a relaxing, purifying massage.
  • Asian Wisdom Massage, a combination of four Asian massage techniques blending aromatic scented oils, Chinese reflexology, Thai acupressure and stretching. Indian Ayurvedic and long gliding Balinese strokes are applied to ease muscle aches and restore agility.

Gem Spa for Kids –

For children and youths 5 – 15 years old, this menu offers 25 or 50-minute relaxing massages and a Chocolate or Tutti-Frutti facial, sure to chill them out while bringing out their inner glow!