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"Absolutely Would Return ❤️"

"Absolutely Would Return ❤️"

By far, one of the most enjoyable trips I’ve ever taken in my life, and even more so due to this place as our hotel home during our stay. The ambiance of the hotel, the breath taking view from our hotel room/pools/bars, the spacious clean fresh rooms, the decor, the amenities, it was all so great! The customer service here exceeded my expectations during every interaction. Their attentiveness was so mind blowing. In my most humble way, I myself found myself feeling like I was treated like royalty here. I want to give a huge shoutout to all the workers working there, honestly. From those serving in La Joya, the bikini bar, Isla Contoy, the bars, to even In-room dining, and room service, thank you, you all are so appreciated. We came here over all to Cancun to celebrate my birthday and anniversary and I couldn’t get over how kind and thoughtful they were with their surprise champagne and beautiful slices of cake for my fiancé and I. Well done, thank you once again! Lastly, a HUGE THANK YOU to the workers at Vina Del Mar. Man oh man do you all hustle and work so furiously to attend and exceed customers needs. Shout out to particularly Wilberth and Edgar.. my unforgettable sweet souls, I am astonished with your devotion and passion into providing excellent customer service and I am so happy to have had the opportunity to be served by you both. So humble, so sweet, so attentive, and so friendly. I will be back to Cancun one day, and you bet i’ll be coming back to Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun ❤️ Cheers, till next time!

"Best hotel experience we have ever had..."

"Best hotel experience we have ever had..."

We have never been to a place that we say “let’s go back” (since there is so much to explore in the world)…but this hotel…100% would return. I was initially a bit concerned about non all inclusive and had budgeted to spend much more than we actually did! A thousand little things made all the difference for us.
Let’s just start with staff who say “my pleasure” when you thank them. I know this is trivial but it speaks VOLUMES…in a quiet way.
-Not ONE staff member “lingered” for a tip…we tipped, as always (and beleive me, they all deserve it), but, for once, it was OUR pleasure to do so.
-The check in was seamless and although we arrived quite early in the day, we were able to access our GORGEOUS room right away.
The resort was “explained” to us at check in…this saved us so much time trying to figure our way around. We were at home within hours 🙂
-clean clean clean!! Wow…
-beach/pool towels given to you when you go outside and exchanged on your way back in for “indoor” towels. No stress of losing your “assigned” towel like most other resorts.
Even slippers in case you are barefoot 🙂 like I said…the little things:)
-You can freely walk about the “city” at all hours (2 minute walk from hotel). We never felt unsafe although, yes, people are trying to sell you on everything…pestering but not invasive or threatening. A polite “no thank you” and they move on.
-heated pools…amazing spa
-reasonably priced and fantastic hotel restaurants (hence we didnt blow the budget…)

I could go on and on…ask and I will be happy to let you know.

Tidbits that may help:
1. Definitely worth upgrading to the grand club. Gorgeous room on upper floor. Private luxury beach area. Private check in. Top shelf drinks from 4-9 and delicious hors d’oeuvres that are pretty much a meal…PLUS resort credits and freebies so you pretty much justify it by using the coupons where you can 😉
2. Grocery store and convenience store is a 5 minute stroll if you want snacks/drinks/mix…cheap and easy…If you choose so non all inclusive is really no big deal…for us anyway
3. If you’re a big coffee drinker..nespresso machines in room. I think there may be a charge but we did grand club so was free.

All in all..amazing service…amazing staff…would 100% recommend!

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