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4 Benefits Of Spas And Saunas


by Jane Sandwood

Wellness tourism is growing at 12% per year, according to the Global Health and Wellness Tourism report, and spas are one of the leading reasons for the phenomenon. Indeed, for many discerning travelers from across the globe, one of the most exciting things about a stay at  Resort, is its a sophisticatedly designed oasis where guests can enjoy everything from relaxing massages to anti-ageing facials, or a relaxing 10-step hydrotherapy ritual, which involves steam rooms, sensation showers, wood saunas and whirlpool dips. Indeed, saunas and spas are two of the most highly solicited experiences in luxury spas, owing to the many benefits they impart.

Saunas For Heart Health

An exhaustive study carried out in 2018 and published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings showed that saunas have various benefits for human heart health, since they lower the risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and neuro-cognitive diseases. Saunas also lower the risk of lung disease and help soothe arthritis, headaches, and flus. The reason for this wide range of benefits, say scientists, is the powerful effect saunas have on the circulatory, cardiovascular, and immune systems. Indulging in a sauna can therefore be seen as an excellent way to promote better overall health and to keep numerous diseases at bay.

Saunas And Mental Health

Stress has reached epidemic proportions in industrialized nations. Far from being merely a risk factor for anxiety and depression, it also ups the risk of obesity, heart disease, and Type 2 diabetes. To be responsible for your health and well-being, it is important to see stress as an enemy and to tackle it proactively. You can do so through exercise and meditation, but sauna visits can also help. The 2018 study showed that saunas could also help reduce stress and help soothe symptoms in people with mild depression.

Spas vs Stress

Research by academics at Washington State University has found that hot tub therapy helps keep stress at bay by balancing the nervous system. The effect is similar to when you meditate or do yoga. Feeling ‘weightless’ as you float can also help the body relieve itself of physical stress. Think of how your muscles tense up when you are worried or angry: floating in warm water naturally relaxes your muscles, often producing a sensation akin to sleepiness.

Spas vs Type 2 Diabetes

A recent study published in the journal Experimental Biology on a group of obese women found that hot tub therapy was able to improve insulin resistance and reduce inflammation, thus reducing the likelihood of developing Type 2 diabetes. In the study, the women took relaxing dips in a hot tub three to four times a week during a two-month period. In addition to having lower blood sugar after the study, the women also had reduced blood pressure and heart rate. The researchers stated that spending time in a hot tub is similar to working out: both raise body temperature, which improves blood vessel health.

If you are looking to leave your worries back home, de-stress, and turn back the hands of time, Gem Spa is the ideal spot to visit. Let the warmth of water and the fragrant dryness of a sauna boost your heart health and keep disease at bay. Most importantly, enjoy the relaxing feeling you get as soon as you shower, dress, and head out to enjoy the best of Cancun.